Missionaries vs. the Monster


Christ the Redeemer looks out over Brazil, the country that has the most Catholics in the world. Photo: http://interlochenpublicradio.org

There are a whopping 425 million Roman Catholics in Latin America – almost three-quarters of the region’s total population. Of the globe’s estimated 1.2 billion Catholics, more than 40% call Latin America their casa. This raises the question: why do Lutherans bother sending missionaries to the most Catholic region in the world? Continue reading

The Nearness of Our God

Nacimiento Peruano

Peruvian Manger Scene. Credit:www.holacalgary.com

The North American missionary to Latin America has his Bible in one hand and his evangelism tracts in the other. He says a quick prayer as he approaches the door and knocks. He rehearses his opening line over and over, hoping that whoever is on the other side of the door will be patient with his broken, heavy accented Spanish. The deadbolt turns. The door creaks open. There’s no turning back now. Buenas tardes. ¿Usted conoce a Jesús? : “Good afternoon. Do you know Jesus?” Continue reading

The Cross Alone is Our Theology


Cristus am Kreuz by Cranach. Photo: gnesiolutheran.com

Español | Regardless of the particular capacity in which they serve or the amount of formal theological training they’ve received, every missionary operates with a certain theology that profoundly affects everything they do. What sort of theologians are Confessional Lutheran missionaries? Continue reading

The Key to Success on the Mission Field

After Bible Study in Lunahuana, Peru.

After Bible Study in Lunahuana, Peru.

Español | This past Sunday I had the privilege of teaching about Lutheran missions at our fieldwork church for the quarter, Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Freeburg, Illinois. I was especially excited for the opportunity because I had recently stumbled upon a quote from Martin Luther which I think sums up perfectly the key to success on the mission field. Continue reading