Vicarious Atonement in Peru



Jamie, Katie and I at the Huaca del Sol y la Luna (The Temple of the Sun and the Moon) in 2011.

Facebook recently reminded me of a fun trip Jamie and I took five years ago to Peru’s Northern Coast. While there, we had the opportunity to visit the ruins of two pre-Columbian civilizations, the Mochica (100-800 AD) and Chimu (900-1470 AD). Recent huaca (sacred temple) discoveries have revealed that both were theocratic civilizations led by a class of priests that represented the people before their pantheon of gods, the most prominent of which were the sun and the moon. Continue reading

Learning from our Hispanic/Latino Brothers and Sisters


Bilingual celebration of the Divine Service led by students of Concordia Seminary’s Center for Hispanic Studies.

EspañolIn a previous post I made the observation that current demographic trends in the US have almost literally brought the mission field to the doorsteps of many LCMS congregations. Continue reading

The Mission Belongs to God

Vicor Idjon Fritz of the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (LCMS). Photo from LCMS Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean Facebook Page.

Vicor Idjon Fritz of the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (LCMS). Photo from LCMS Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean Facebook Page.

Español | The Church is born of water and the Word, and there also is her livelihood. She is the instrument of God’s mission, as stated by Luther in his explanation of Psalm 87, where he writes: “But it is clear that this proclamation is made in churches, parishes, and assemblies of the faithful, and so they themselves are the gates of Zion, because [it is] through them that everyone who is to be saved will enter.” This Church is built on the ministry of the Word. The ministry exists, “in, with, and under” the Church, but should never be confused with the Church. Continue reading

“Other Christs” in Latin America – Slave Master Jesus

In a previous post I described one of the many “other christs” that were introduced to the natives of the New World through the words and actions of the Conquistadores. The “other christ” I highlighted there was the perpetually weak and defenseless Baby Jesus sitting on the lap of his mother Mary.

Another such “christ’ was the Encomendero or Slave Master Jesus.

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The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love

Lutheran missionaries bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus and are merciful in His name all across the globe. From Macau to Malawi, from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea, Lutheran missionaries in various contexts throughout the world are privileged with the task of gathering God’s people around His Word and Sacraments to receive His wonderful gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation. I was privileged to do so in the South American country of Peru.


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Yellow Underwear

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There is any number of New Year’s Eve traditions and customs all across the globe. Some are more interesting to the outside observer than others.

In Peru, many people wear yellow undergarments in order to attract prosperity and success in the coming year. Make sure to have your undies on backwards first and then put them on the right way at the strike of midnight, otherwise it won’t work. Continue reading

“Other Christs” in Latin America – Baby Jesus

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According to theologian and missionary John Mackay (1889 -1983), the Christ brought to the New World by the conquistadores was not the Christ of history revealed to us in the Scriptures. Instead, he argues, there were various “other
christs” introduced to the natives through the words and actions of their conquerors. Continue reading