Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12th is the Roman Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe). On this day, millions of faithful followers from all over the Americas (particularly in Mexico and the North American Southwest) celebrate the apparition of the Virgin Mary to the amerindian, Juan Diego, on the hill of Tepeyec in 1531. Continue reading

Mi Burrito Sabanero

Mi Burrito Sabanero (My Little Donkey from the Savannah) is a children’s Christmas song originally from Venezuela, but popular all over Latin America. I became (a little too) familiar with this catchy little jingle during my time in Peru, as it’s a staple at most chocolotadas (a Peruvian Christmas celebration for children). Continue reading

That is Delicious!

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Photo courtesy of Marca Peru.

Photo courtesy of Marca Peru.

While Peruvian cuisine is slowly making a name for itself around the world, it can still be difficult to find a Peruvian restaurant in the US. You can imagine how excited I was when my wife and I bumped into Uchucuta Peruvian Cuisine, a Peruvian Chef from Cusco and his North American wife that are just beginning their catering business here in St. Louis. Continue reading

See You Later

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WIth sad yet grateful hearts, my wife and her family said "see you later" to her grandfather this year.

With sad yet grateful hearts to God, my wife and her family said “see you later” to her grandfather this year.

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven whole months since we left Peru to return to the United States! It was really difficult to leave behind those we had grown to love and care so much about. As we said our goodbyes, many Peruvians would ease the pain by saying,

“This isn’t a goodbye, it’s an I’ll see you later.” Continue reading

Back to the Basics

Lutherans have been giving a defense for the hope that is within them since the very beginning.

Lutherans have been giving a defense for the hope that is within them since the very beginning. (Source:americanrhetoric.com)

If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me what the difference is between the Lutherans and the Roman Catholics, I probably could have paid the Pope to get a tattoo of Luther’s seal on his bicep by now. You might think that a Lutheran missionary might really enjoy a question like this. It’d be like a baseball lobbed over the plate and I’m Mike Trout, right? Continue reading

Fix Us Both

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“Because every one of us is suffering from brokenness in our foundational relationships, all of us need ‘poverty alleviation,’ just in different ways. Our relationship to the materially poor should be one in which we recognize that both of us are broken and that both of us need the blessing of reconciliation. Our perspective should be less about how we are going to fix the materially poor and more about how we can walk together, asking God to fix us both.” (When Helping Hurts; pg. 79)

Getting Lost in Lima

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I can’t tell you how many times I got turned around trying to navigate the streets of Peru’s monster metropolis, Lima. Whether it was because my travel guide was older than the hills and twice as dusty or because of the poor signage in some of the city’s not-so-developed districts, I don’t know how many times I was forced to roll down the windows and ask, Continue reading

Invite…As Many As You Find

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DSCN0196“So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.” – Matthew 22:9 

“Invite…as many as you find. There should be no discriminations made. Send for men, women, young, old, everyone together. That’s how we are all called. So, “call everyone without discrimination, anyone you find!” That means, come, believe in Christ, let your self be baptized, hear the Gospel, love each other, that’s the invitation. Here you will find something to eat, that is – the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, victory over death and hell. This is how we call everybody. No one can say they haven’t been called. The servants go out and extend the invitation in every place and to all people.”

“Sermon on Matthew 22:1-14”, 1533