Why Jesus?

Español | You’ve heard the questions before. If you were raised in another culture with another religion, would you even consider Christianity? There’s so many other religions out there, what makes Christianity so special? Those questions may scare you a bit, but we do need to ask them. We need to ask a big question about the central and most controversial figure of Christianity. Why Jesus? 

This month’s In Him No North Or South bilingual resource (haga click aquí para leer en Español) is the first of twelve parts of an introduction to Christianity video series called, “God Connects: A Course in Christianity” produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries. Continue reading

The Key to Success on the Mission Field

After Bible Study in Lunahuana, Peru.

After Bible Study in Lunahuana, Peru.

Español | This past Sunday I had the privilege of teaching about Lutheran missions at our fieldwork church for the quarter, Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Freeburg, Illinois. I was especially excited for the opportunity because I had recently stumbled upon a quote from Martin Luther which I think sums up perfectly the key to success on the mission field. Continue reading

“Other Christs” in Latin America – Slave Master Jesus

In a previous post I described one of the many “other christs” that were introduced to the natives of the New World through the words and actions of the Conquistadores. The “other christ” I highlighted there was the perpetually weak and defenseless Baby Jesus sitting on the lap of his mother Mary.

Another such “christ’ was the Encomendero or Slave Master Jesus.

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The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love

Lutheran missionaries bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus and are merciful in His name all across the globe. From Macau to Malawi, from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea, Lutheran missionaries in various contexts throughout the world are privileged with the task of gathering God’s people around His Word and Sacraments to receive His wonderful gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation. I was privileged to do so in the South American country of Peru.


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Yellow Underwear

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There is any number of New Year’s Eve traditions and customs all across the globe. Some are more interesting to the outside observer than others.

In Peru, many people wear yellow undergarments in order to attract prosperity and success in the coming year. Make sure to have your undies on backwards first and then put them on the right way at the strike of midnight, otherwise it won’t work. Continue reading

Come, Lord Jesus!

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I always found it difficult to watch the local news in Peru. What seemed like daily stories of fatal car crashes, confrontations between police and protestors, and political corruption would leave me with a giant pit in my stomach. Back here in the United States, the story is not much different. Stories of school shootings, riots in the streets, and officers being killed left and right make it hard to watch the news here, too. The local news is hard to watch no matter where you find yourself! Continue reading

“Other Christs” in Latin America – Baby Jesus

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According to theologian and missionary John Mackay (1889 -1983), the Christ brought to the New World by the conquistadores was not the Christ of history revealed to us in the Scriptures. Instead, he argues, there were various “other
christs” introduced to the natives through the words and actions of their conquerors. Continue reading

Who’s in Your Manger Scene?

This following has been translated and adapted from an article originally written in Spanish last year. Para leer en Español, haga click aquí. 

Peruvian "Retablo" Manger Scene. Photo: http://peru21.pe/

Peruvian “Retablo” Manger Scene. Photo: http://peru21.pe

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. Families all throughout the world have already begun to decorate their houses with lights, trees, and nativity scenes. While Christmas traditions, decorations and treats can be quite diverse across the globe, one thing many countries and cultures have in common is the use of Nativity Scenes. Continue reading