A Sure and Certain Future

The recent string of earthquakes is just one more reason for Puerto Ricans to pack their bags. Photo: Johanna Heidorn

A couple of days ago Pastors Neuendorf, Maita, and I went to visit a member of la Iglesia Luterana Fuente de Vida in Ponce. Like so many others on the south side of the island, he had been sleeping outside of his home in a cardboard box since the earthquakes began a couple of weeks ago.

One thought on “A Sure and Certain Future

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Stephanie Wilde is my granddaughter and the picture of her & the woman from the refugee camp touched my heart — I know it is moments like this that she came to Puerto Rico for.
    As I write this post I am receiving even more earthquake alerts for Puerto Rico. I am praying for Puerto Rico and asking God for his protection for all the people of Puerto Rico

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