Almost Like Praying

Today marks one year since Hurricane Maria tore through the island of Puerto Rico. In the aftermath of the most devastating hurricane to hit the island in 89 years, Tony-winning “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and recorded this song to raise money for relief efforts.

In an effort to send the message that no one on the island has been forgotten or left out, the all-star cast of Latino(a) artists mention all 78 towns of Puerto Rico in a sort of “roll call”. The way the names of the towns are strung together and placed on top of the melody makes it sound as though, “it’s almost like praying” (a line taken from the classic melody from the musical, “West Side Story”).

It is a very moving tribute to all those who still today suffer the effects of the Hurricane. I’d encourage you to take a listen, but instead of stopping at “almost praying,” actually take a couple of minutes to pray for all those who feel forgotten:

Almighty God, merciful Father, who never forgets the cries of the afflicted, nor forsakes those who are in need, grant relief to all those who suffer in Puerto Rico. Direct the efforts of your Church on the island to console the bereaved, comfort the mourning, and bring hope and healing through the knowledge of the mercy and love you’ve made known through the death and resurrection of your Son, in whose name we pray these things. Amen.


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