Why Jesus?

Español | You’ve heard the questions before. If you were raised in another culture with another religion, would you even consider Christianity? There’s so many other religions out there, what makes Christianity so special? Those questions may scare you a bit, but we do need to ask them. We need to ask a big question about the central and most controversial figure of Christianity. Why Jesus? 

This month’s In Him No North Or South bilingual resource (haga click aquí para leer en Español) is the first of twelve parts of an introduction to Christianity video series called, “God Connects: A Course in Christianity” produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries.

There are only two religions in the world – the “doing it” and the “done it.” The “doing it’s” are all those religions that require you and me to do something. Whether that’s to throw a virgin in a volcano or to be good enough, or to attain a new level of enlightenment. The “done it’s” are those who believe that when Jesus said, “it is finished,” on the cross, everything was done. Everything that was necessary for you and me and the world to be saved, it was done. And God your Father knowing you’d never do enough, or even believe this, gave you the gift of the Holy Spirit to believe it. You see, He’s done it all for you and me.

That’s the answer to, “why Jesus?” And that amazing answer is what makes the Christian faith a miracle worth looking into.


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