“Other Christs” in Latin America – Baby Jesus

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According to theologian and missionary John Mackay (1889 -1983), the Christ brought to the New World by the conquistadores was not the Christ of history revealed to us in the Scriptures. Instead, he argues, there were various “other
christs” introduced to the natives through the words and actions of their conquerors.

One such “christ” found in Latin America is that of the baby Jesus, sitting on the lap of his mother Mary. This representation of Jesus portrays him as a perpetually weak and defenseless child, always at the mercy of his mother, who must protect him.

In so many places Christ is represented only as an infant and as a dead guy. Everything that happened between his birth and his death has been forgotten. Christ was born and he died, but he never really lived. He is only a defenseless child, humiliated and defeated, that is to say – the victim. (Blank, Rudolfo. Teología y Misión en América Latina, p. 94)

That the King of the Universe willingly descended from His throne in heaven to enter this broken world as a vulnerable, defenseless child is at the heart of what the Church celebrates on Christmas. You might say that the miracle of the incarnation of the Son of God is the “reason for the season.”

The Church doesn’t celebrate Christmas all year long, however. Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t stay a baby forever!

After Christmas, we celebrate that God actually revealed Himself to us by looking at the miracles and ministry of Jesus (the season of Epiphany). Then, we follow Him on His shameful journey to the cross, (the season of Lent). After watching Him die for the sins of the world on Good Friday, we celebrate His victory over sin, death, and the devil (the season of Easter). We watch Him return to heaven (Ascension), to later be sent out to the ends of the earth to tell of what He has done (Pentecost). Then, the celebration continues until the next year as the living Jesus reminds us of all He´s done, is doing, and will do for us His people.

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