The Benefits of Being Bilingual

What do you call a person that speaks two languages? Answer: Bilingual.
What do you call a person that speaks three languages? Answer: Trilingual.
What do you call a person that speaks one language? Answer: a North American.


The benefits of being bilingual are countless. Especially if the second language you speak is so widely spoken. There are close to 400 million people that speak Spanish in the world today, making it the 3rd most commonly spoken language on the planet!

Learning Spanish does way more than sharpen your mind, though. It also widens your perspective by exposing you to worldviews, traditions, and customs entirely different than your own. It expands your universe by opening the door to an entire continent filled with history, culture and beauty.

“Aside from all that science, speaking more than one language is great because you can make friends with more people…”

Most significantly, learning Spanish allows you to make friends with Spanish speakers! And Spanish Speakers (like speakers of every other language) need to hear the Good News of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ!

I am not at all in sympathy with those who cling to one language and despise all others. I would rather train youth and people to be the kind that could also be of service to Christ in foreign countries and could converse with the natives there. […] And indeed it is proper to train youth in many languages; for who knows how God may use them in times to come. (Martin Luther, German Mass and Order of Services)

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